Archive September 2019

The Little Print Works

The Little Print Works wanted an e-commerce website for their personalised prints and custom bespoke gifts. It started off with a theme that suited their needs, the colour scheme was based off of their logo, and the products came in thick and fast! With personalisation options available for all of the products. With design and functionality in mind I went with design elements that looked great and every thing serves a purpose, from the images, text, menu etc.

Brewers Army Surplus

Brewers Army Surplus came to me for a new website, which initially they had no clue on what they wanted in terms of designs and layout. After they had all of their products added and were happy with it we then began to design the website itself by choosing a colour scheme, theme and layout elements that best suited their needs.

It took around three to four months to build whilst getting the layout/design sorted and adding just shy of a thousand products on manually. Once complete they were over the moon with the look and feel of the website, and it has been performing well for them. They also signed up to the maintenance package as they have no clue how websites work, so it makes it easier for them.

The Soap Shack

The Soap Shack came to me wanting an e-commerce website that shows off their personality and products beautifully. I started off by first choosing the perfect theme to suit them. Adding even toned colours to compliment the website and so on. Their website looked completely different to how it does today, as naturally a website can be built in an hour or two but it takes months to tailor it to your exact needs (looks and feel of the website).

They opted for the maintenance package and so far, have not been disappointed as they are continually growing their product base, improving pictures etc all the time. So me doing the maintenance side and adding/editing/removing whatever they want comes in handy and saves them time.