Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s)

Below is a list of popular questions and queries we often receive. So we thought we would create a FAQ’s section to answer any questions you might have about our services, in regards to what we offer, how we offer it and what we can do for you.

It is impossible to put a figure on your new website until we know the specifics of what you want. Get in touch with us today so we can answer this question for you.
Seen a competitors website you like? Or design elements you like? Let us know and we can help you. Or give us free rein to come up with some ideas for you.
That all depends on how technical you need the website, how busy we are and it also depends on the data you are supplying such as photos, text, videos etc.
Yes we can maintain your website for you if asked. We will keep your website up to date, edit content etc if needed and fix any issues that come up at a later date. We do charge a fee for this extra service which depends on the size and nature of your website. For example a small blog or information website would be £10 per month whereas an e-commerce website might be £20 per month. Intersted? Contact us today to talk about maintaining your website.
General Data Protection Regulation. Basically its a new regulation out in place to protect your data, let you know how you can control or access what data is used by websites/companies and also give you the right to delete/destroy that data. However some data we cannot delete such as sales records etc for tax purposes.
You are more than welcome to arrange a meeting with us but most of our clients prefer the phone or email approach as it saves you time and helps your budget. However if you would like to arrange a meeting please let us know.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to Contact Us so we can answer any questions or queries you may have regarding any of our services.