Wilde About Crafts

Wilde About Crafts


Wilde About Crafts is a crafts website where they sell their handmade crafts which range from dreamcatchers, decoupage slate hearts, wooden hearts, spoons and coasters, wish bracelets and many more products. They have over six hundred products to choose from and also offer free customisation on their wish bracelets and dreamcatchers.

Designing the website

When it came to designing this website it took a while to grasp the general layout for it. This was our first e-commerce website so it took us some time to figure out the colour scheme, shop layout and where everything would be placed. That being said it came together quickly and over the course of a month or so had many overhauls in order to get it exactly how we wanted it in terms of appearance, speed, layout, design and functionality.

We were able to add all of the images directly which saved us a lot of manual uploads and placements so it made life easier for us. We then proceeded to propagate the product information and prices for each item. It was then time to completely design the homepage which for us was the hardest as we found that text before products was a no go as the trend in customers leaving the website shot up. So once we moved the main text underneath a select group of products we then found customers were more willing to stick around and really look at the website and the crafts being sold on there.

Finally the end design overhaul came when we decided that we wanted something soft toned yet colourful and eye catching so we settled on a pastel tone which complimented the logo, products and the text still stood out.